Dear friends of NADA!

A wonderful conference has closed its gates. 150 NADA-activists and those who are interested in NADA met in Graz in the breath taking atmosphere of the colorful Minoritensaal. They witnessed interesting and also moving presentations, panel discussions, video-documentaries as well as convincing controlled studies.

The participants came from 15 countries – as far as New Caledonia and as close to Graz as Croatia. We dearly hope that this conference marked the starting point of establishing NADA in Croatia.

What are our future tasks in Austria? We will have to strive for an implementation of low-threshold access to NADA ear-acupuncture for those who need it.

We decided to keep this website going for some time. You  may download – free of cost –
1.    all abstracts
2.    most ppt presentations
3.    posters
4.    photo galery (coming soon)
5.    Conference manual

Don´t forget: the ppts give you only an outline of the real presentations. All presenters talked eloquently without clinging to a manuscript. If you believe in what you are doing, if it has become a part of you, you do not present any more, you talk to and with the people.

Best regards
Thomas Ots                                                                            Graz, September 13, 2013

Dear friends of NADA!


I am honored to invite you to this year´s Euro-NADA Conference in Graz, Austria. We are probably the youngest NADA-group in Europe and were surprised and honored when NADA founder, Michael Smith, suggested that we organize the meeting. NADA-Austria got started in Graz in 2006, and we hope that Graz might be the door to more NADA in Eastern Europe..
We are determined to offer you the best possible of discussions  and exchange of ideas and make your stay in this little but beautiful town most pleasant.

We will  be happy to have you here!


  Thomas Ots                                                                                Graz, March 27, 2013

  (NADA-Austria, President)